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From Participatory Art Forms to Interactive Culture: Towards a Critique of the Aesthetic Economy Versão para impressão E-mail
Autor: Maria Teresa Cruz   

[1] Do participatory art forms and relational aesthetics constitute a background for the growingly interactive culture of today? Do they express the same ideals or are they different ideologies? Why is modern and contemporary culture so concerned with the spectator, be it the art lover, TV audiences, or internet users? Why, in spite of their different scopes, are media (art included) so interested in the activation and mobilization of the receiver? Mass media culture secretly dreamed of the full presence and commitment of the spectator, boldly proclaimed as partner by modern and contemporary art and finally given effective participatory tools by digital culture. Are we truly becoming a society of producers and creators? Or rather a different type of consumers? What is the role of art in the era of the new culture economy, where creativity equals capital?

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[1] The International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 4, Illinois, USA, Common Ground Publishing LLC, 2009, ISSN 1833-1866, http://www.arts-journal.com.

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