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Life beyond Violence - Notes on Walter Benjamin’s ‘Zur Kritik die Gewalt’ Versão para impressão E-mail
Autor: Andrew Benjamin   
Just as a man lying sick with fever transformed all the words which he hears into the extravagant images of delirium, so it is that the spirit of the present age seizes on the manifestations of past or distant spiritual worlds, in order to take possession of them and unfeelingly incorporate them into its own self-absorbed fantasizing.

Walter Benjamin, The Origin of German Tragic Drama. Page 53

What does it mean to evoke ‘life’? Life is initially present as a generality, one that is often effaced the moment it is announced, an effacing that occurs once there is the positing of ‘mere life’. And then, in contradistinction to that limitation, though perhaps it is a delimitation of a version of the lived, there is the ‘living’. The latter is a further registration of ‘life’, one allowing for an additional qualification that does itself result in the identification of the ‘soul of the living’.

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