Group 1: Culture and Technique

Coordenation: José Bragança de Miranda

Keywords: Network Communication; Cultural Studies; Visual Culture; Ciberculture.


The Research Group "Culture and Technique" develops its activities in the core subjects defined for this area:

  1. The effects of technological innovation in contemporary culture;
  2. The analysis of cultural and social patterns in the processes of globalization;
  3. The development of new theoretical and methodological instruments for the analysis of the relations between culture and technique, focusing on the culture of machines, the logic of interfaces, cyberculture and network culture.
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Group 2: Media and Mediation

Coordenation: Maria Lucíilia Marcos

Keywords: Mediation; New Media; Reception; Television Studies.


The Research Group "Media and Mediation" develops its activities along the lines of discursive and audiovisual media practices, such as writing and textuality, Television, Cinema and Documentary Studies, and Social Media.

In the scope of Television, Cinema and Documentary Studies, we seek to continue the previously initiated studies concerning the effects of the migration from the analogic paradigm to the digital networks. We seek to broaden the research on media ontology and media mutation, namely in the fields of image and sound experience, with particular attention to the contemporary forms of cinema and to contemporary sound landscapes and digital networks.

This group will also develop research in the areas of reception, such as audience studies, visual culture and critical thinking. A particular emphasis will continue to be given to the mediation of knowledge, comprising:

  1. The public communication of science and technology and the crossings between science (including medicine);
  2. The political construction of visibility and invisibility strategies and apparatuses;
  3. The production of digital assets concerning these fields of study.
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Group 3: Communication and Arts

Coordenation: Maria Augusta Babo

Keywords: Art and Media Aesthetics; New Media; Image; Languages and Creative Practices; Cultural Reception


The research group "Communication and Arts" develops its main activities in the core subjects defined for this area:

  1. The reception and communication of art and cultural heritage; the intersection between art and media;
  2. Art and cultural innovation.
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Group 4: Strategic Communication and Decision Making Process

Coordination: Ana Margarida Barreto

Keywords: Strategic Communication; Decison Making Process; Human Behaviour


The strategic communication group studies the dynamics and consequences of deliberate use of strategic communication by organizations, the interactional processes through which public images, discourses, opinions and practices come about, and the role of persuasion and other communicative strategies in fostering individual and collective behavioral change.

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