CECL was created in 1983, through a protocol with Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH-UNL), a statute that is maintained to the present. CECL is constituted mainly by researchers who are also teachers at the Department of Communication Sciences of FCSH-UNL, and is actively involved in the academic programs of the Department, in the undergraduate, Master, Doctoral and post-graduate studies.

The key objectives of CECL are:

  • Contributing to the development of scientific research, promoting the advanced training of its members and hosting collective and individual research projects, in partnership with other institutions and researchers, both national and international;
  • Promoting the publication of individual and collective scientific works, Master and Doctoral theses and post-doctoral research;
  • Supporting and developing the scientific activities of the Department of Communication Sciences of FCSH-UNL;
  • Integrating junior researchers;
  • Increasing the scientific relations, particularly through projects involving researchers of other national or international units.

CECL is specifically focused in promoting and offering advanced training and research in the field of communication and languages, in a multidisciplinary perspective.

Currently, it integrates 20 eligible PhD researchers, 2 Post-Doctoral Fellows and 39 collaborators, of which 28 are PhD candidates.
Junior researchers are integrated in the Advanced Training Group, which supervises and monitors their work. CECL has also furthered its mission in providing services to the community, including the organization of public seminars and conferences, as well as the implementation of commissioned projects, of which we highlight the Project for the Côa Museum (2008-2010), commissioned by IGESPAR/Ministério da Cultura, through a protocol with FCSH-UNL.

CECL develops its own editorial policy, expressed in its semestral academic journal – Revista de Comunicação e Linguagens -, with 44 issues published; in its online magazine of Art, Culture and Technology – Interact –, with 19 issues published; in the digital series Working Papers, with 16 issues published, a specialized book collection in the publishing house Nova Vega (collection Comunicação e Linguagens) and a new ebook collection Cultura, Media e Artes, published by CECL and UnyLeya (Grupo Leya) whose first ebook was published in December 2013.

CECL has an ongoing strategy of national and international development, both in terms of research and in terms of advanced training, covering the following aspects: participation in the FCT Doctoral Program in Communication Studies: Media, Culture and Technology (2013-2016), participation in the FCT 2013 application for the Network of National infrastructures, through a collective project of digital infrastructures dedicated to the field of culture (with CICANT - Centre for Research in Applied Communication and New Technologies / ULHT and the GCC - Center for Computer Graphic/UMinho), participation in the Strategic Projects 2015-2020 FCT call, proposing the creation of a new interuniversity research unit in Communication, Culture and Information - CIC.Digital ( with CIMJ FCSH / UNL , the CETAC.Media of FL / UP and UA and CICANT ULHT), submission of research projects to FCT competitions (6 applications between 2012-2013), submission of projects to European calls (participation in two applications under FP7 in 2013), in particular to call within Horizon 2020 and the Creative Europe Programme.

The activities of CECL, as well as its members, are distributed across 4 Research Groups: Communication and Arts; Media and Mediation; Culture and Technique; Strategic Communication and Decision Making Process.